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Achievement Run Was a Success!

Magicite, Dec 20, 11 11:55 AM.
So from yesterday afternoon to last night we spent time stomping instances left and right. We did 8 man guild run on every Outlands Raid and we were doing 3 man runs on half of the Northrend Heroics. We got our daily EXP gain up to 74% by the end of the day between that, dailies, and other guildies questing. Overall remarkable job! We also did a 8 man OS 10 Three Drake and Mudkipsftvv is the proud new owner of a Black Drake. We defintly had a good amount of fun both in vent for those participating and in game just running around and unraveling years of blizzards hard work in a mere day.

Recruitment is going well on the over all. Almost at 100 people in guild and starting to have more and more active 85's which means we are probably getting closer to running more successful 10 man cata raid's and 10v10+ Rated BG's

Also Officer promotion wise Selevere & Ayanai are now both officers for general PVE purposes and Kadavra is our PVP Officer to organize Rated BG's and such.

All in all keep up the good work and lets keep pushing forward! we have 1/4 of the possible guild achievements we can get so keep a steady pace and lets get em all.


Magicite, Dec 14, 11 10:49 AM.
Ok so its been a bit since I made my last post, I personally had surgery which put me inactive for a few days but it's time to post another update!

Guild Achievements

We finally got that dwarf warlock so Guild Page is now available for members to purchase once you get required guild reputation. Still need to do a lot of the older dungeons to boost guild achievement points. The other day myself (Kieria), Ayanai, & Mudkipsftvv did a BWL run and Molten Core run for Legendary Pieces both BoE and BoP ones and low and behold on Kieria's first Rag kill we got the Eye of Ragnaros. It took a few days to get the rest of the mats together but we did manage to get all the mats. Mudkipsftvv can now smelt Dark Iron Bars and Enchanted Elementium Bars. Kieria can now craft the Sulfuron Hammer. And we now have a Sulfuras, Hand of Ragnaros in guild! If anyone gets both the drops for the Thunderfury, the Blessed Blade of the Windseeker we are gathering mats to complete that as well. Garr and Baron Geddon in Molten Core each drop a piece that is required for this Legendary so if you want to start farming good luck to you. You need to be at least honored with the guild and you will have the guilds support in farming the pieces.

Guild Leveling

We are almost level 5! Yesterday was a productive day in seeking out guild experience as we hit 37% of our total daily limit. We had 6/7 Heroic Runs last week so we really need to be pushing for the full 7. Also Rated Battlegrounds are up again so we can try our hand at those once again if we get the people and of course going and stomping just one raid boss in Cata as a guild.

Officer Promotions

Mudkipsftvv & Unforgivable have both been promoted to officer positions. There are still a couple pending positions open that I am awaiting answers back on. Idealy I want to have about 5-7 officers to cover having an officer on at least 50% of any given day. The main roles an officer is to play now is recruiting, and furthering guild xp and achievements. Later these roles will also include organizing and leading raids.

Well that is pretty much a summary for now of what has been happening. Lets keep pushing together and growing in the coming days to get somewhere and make a good name for the Assassins Brotherhood!

Dragon Soul on Friday

Magicite, Dec 5, 11 9:53 AM.
So we are going to try and get a 10 man guild run of Dragon Soul on Friday. We should be atleast able to do the first boss if not dive further in. Get your practice in on LFR but remember, in 10 man we actually have to follow full boss mechanics as it will be harder, though the gear level is better so its worth it. We do need a rogue dedicated to seeking out the legendary as well. So lets get to it.

I started fishing on my iPhone when im away from my keyboard and have free time. I can't really fish in pools as I'm using LogMeIn Ignition which gives me like 1/2 a frame per second of black and white zoomed in. So moving around isn't an option... Just sitting in the same spot and fishing. We do need to try and knock out 10000 fish from pools though to unlock the recipe for the fish feast of Cata. If we do that I'll have plenty of fish saved up to make sure all our raids are well fed. All in all half way to level 4 as a guild and should be able to hit that push by friday once again. Giving us a level a week is nice and will have us at 25 in about 6 months, so if we can we need to get more people recruited that are doing the level 70-85 push or anything in between and questing for it... Or get people that do their 25 dailies every day. We will be starting to do guild BG's this week for XP along with guild Raid so we should have all our bonus xp bases covered but there is still a lot of work to go.

Level 3!

Magicite, Dec 2, 11 8:37 AM.
Well we hit level 3 last night after clearing the 7th dungeon challenge for the week! We have 4 more Heroic Catacalysm Dungeons to finish as a guild then we will get the Standard of Unity unlocked. So something we should probably push for to get it outta the way.

All in all though guild xp per day is hitting in the 30% and if we keep that up by continuing to recruit more players and continuing to do our level 85 dailies we can see a level per week no problem. That still puts us a few months away from level 25 so if we can push to 50... 60% we might be able to start knocking out 1.5 to 2 level's per week. Something to think about and maybe push for.

I tried out LFR last night and it was a pretty smooth run considering it was a quick pug makeshift raid thing. Downed all 4 bosses and failed horribly at loot. You do get a roll bonus of 100 if you need on an item that is for your spec to keep people from over needing offspec loot. I'll be taking Kieria there by this weekend if I can get any tank gear to actually drop. Hasn't been a lucky thing for me thus far.

Saturday (Tomorrow) I would like to try and arrange a guild run for Throne of the Four Winds. It's two bosses that aren't all that bad to kill, and if we do it with 7/10 guildies we will get the bonus xp which is equal to 10 Heroic groups, and we will get a guild achievement bringing us one step closer to "Reins of the Dark Phoenix" Need that Blackwing Desecent and Bastion of Twilight. Maybe we can knock the other two out in the next two weeks just to do it for the achievement.

As much as I do want to do the raid for Throne of the Four Winds I will hold out to do it only if we have a guild run for it as the gear isn't worth its time and neither is anything else from it. You can get better gear from the new heroics. So save the lockout for the guild run.

Added Loot Priorities

Magicite, Dec 1, 11 9:34 AM.
Under the loot rules page I added side sections for both Legendary Priorities and Profession Priorities. I also added in requirements to what needs to be done to be on this list. Currently there are some players on the list that do not meet the requirements and that is to try and fill initial priority slots. If changes need to be made to this priority list once we actively start raiding as a guild we will make them as required.

On a wonderful side note we smashed the daily XP gain yesterday and hit almost 40%. We are really close to Level 3 and I am hoping we can give it that last push to accomplish that. All in all things are going great keep it up

~~ Magicite ~~
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